CashforCars – Junk Cars has the easiest way of selling your junk car. All you have to do is fill up a form on our website with the necessary details and you will get an estimate of your car. Just book an appointment with our professionals and they will visit your place as early as possible. During the visit, they will inspect the car and provide you with the exact amount and take away the vehicle.

The online portal of CashforCars- Junk Cars will provide you with an approximate price of what you will get in exchange for the vehicle. However, the price can vary after personally inspecting the vehicle at your place. The price you will get will be near to the estimated cost but can differ a bit depending on the inspection.

Absolutely. Making an appointment beforehand allows us to manage all our bookings. At CashforCars- Junk Cars, we believe in providing utmost comfort to the customers willing to get cash for cars. Prior booking will allow you to pick the desired date for pickup of the car as per your schedule giving you time to manage.

Not at all. CashforCars- Junk Cars does not charge any money for picking up the vehicle from your home. We are here to give cash for cars to customers and does not take anything else except for the vehicle.

CashforCars- Junk Cars covers all the parts of the vehicle during the inspection to offer the right cash for the car. Factors like working parts, condition, age, and market demand play a significant role in deciding the final car value.

Once the entire inspection is done and you have finalised the deal, you will receive the money on the spot. CashforCars- Junk Cars never makes the clients wait to receive the money. The moment we pick up the vehicle, you will receive cash for the car.

Once CashforCars- Junk Cars picks up the vehicle, all the working parts are taken out to get some use from them. On the other hand, an absolute junk car is sent for recycling. No part of the vehicle is wasted or pollutes the environment. We take eco-friendly measures to recycle the vehicle.

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