Tickets Tickets Tickets – What kind of tickets have you got.

My son was pulled over for having a brake light out. Also was informed he entered a crosswalk while the light was red. Apparently a no no. . When asked for his drives license …he found he had left it at home.

The friendly police officer was kind enough to give him a lesson on driving, making sure all lights are working, and the importance of having your license with you in the form of tickets.

Fortunately the license one was dropped by running it to the courthouse and the rest totaled less than 200 bucks. Still money poorly spent. All of it could of been prevented had he checked the lights on the trailer before leaving. I am certain that is what caught the eye of the long arm of the law.

Even if your junk car is barely running…and has some life left in it, Do your self a favor and check the lights prior to driving on a regular basis. Brake lights can be checked by turning on the hazard switch. Blinkers are simple just turn on and check. Sometimes I will check my lights by looking in rear view mirror when parked relatively close to a reflective building or wall. They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

What tickets have you got for overlooking the simple stuff?